Check Out This Awesome DIY Book Staircase

If you consider yourself handy when it comes to home improvements then check out this fantastic staircase that has been repainted to turn the steps into a giant stack of books!

Originally posted on Reddit, this awesome project was created by Pippa from Suffolk, England. The book-themed stairs not only saved on a new carpet and fitter, but also serve to suggest these classic books to whomever might be visiting.

Using just low cost paints and some standard tools, Pippa has turned an ordinary staircase into something far more special. The top part of each step was painted using black matte gloss with fine grain sand mixed in to stop any wear and tear.

As someone who can’t even work out how to assemble something as simple as an Ikea flat pack desk, I’m seriously impressed. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and get all the books on this staircase I’ve not got around to reading yet.

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