Book Vending Machines Installed in Singapore

Heads up, bookworms! BooksActually, a local independent book store in Singapore, has begun installing book vending machines in high traffic spots. The first two vending machines are located at the National Museum of Singapore and Singapore Visitor Centre on shopping street, Orchard Road. A third machine is due to be installed later in the month at the Goodman Arts Centre, which also happens to be the headquarters for the National Arts Council.

Each vending machine can carry up to 150 books and focus on trying to promote books by local writers and publishers. BooksActually owner, Kenny Leck, has stated that he’s more interested in promoting Singaporean writers than seeing profits.

Book Vending Machine 1

Book Vending Machine 2Book vending machines are becoming increasingly popular and can currently be found in countries like Japan, Spain, Germany, Sweden, and now Singapore. Wouldn’t it be awesome if these vending machines take off. Perhaps in the near future they’ll be everywhere?

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