A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms – George R.R. Martin

Set roughly one-hundred years before the events of A Game of Thrones, the first installment in George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire, A knight of the Seven Kingdoms tells the story of a young … Continue reading

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The Trial – Franz Kafka

the trial

Franz Kafka’s The Trial is a book I’ve been meaning to get around to reading for a while. Over the years I’ve heard promising things about it and the fact that it has become common parlance to describe something that … Continue reading

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Into the Wild – Jon Krakauer

In May 1990, 22yr old Christopher McCandless donated $25,000 in savings to charity and set off from his well-to-do family to create a new life for himself. Traveling across America under his new name, Alexander Supertramp, Chris met many people … Continue reading

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